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Foldalite Folding Powered Wheelchair

£1,895.00 £2,274.00 inc VAT

This is the ideal powerchair for the frequent traveller looking for a perfect combination of indoor manoeuvrability and outdoor performance.

Foldalite Pro Folding Powered Wheelchair

£2,299.00£2,299.01 £2,758.80 inc VAT

Combining a smart design with a comfortable setup and smooth manoeuvrability, the Foldalite Pro is perfect for the frequent traveller looking for indoor control and outdoor performance.

Foldalite Trekker Folding Powered Wheelchair

£2,499.00 £2,998.80 inc VAT

The Foldalite Trekker expands on the popularity of our existing Foldalite powerchairs, coupling intelligent design and smooth control with a multi-purpose build that’s perfect for the day-to-day powerchair user.

iGo Travel Powered Wheelchair

£1,595.00 £1,914.00 inc VAT

The new i-Go from Pride features advanced folding technology, enabling it to be quickly transported with ease.

Maximo Mobility Scooter

£1,995.00 £2,394.00 inc VAT

A larger design, offering more space, comfort and capability whilst still providing the transportability you need to go where you want, when you want to. With the same simple one lever action as Minimo, Maximo can be folded in seconds and ready for the car boot or easy storage.

Maximo Plus Mobility Scooter

£2,295.00 £2,754.00 inc VAT

Introducing Maximo Plus, the latest and first road legal in our line up of super convenient folding scooters that build on the success of the Minimo and Maximo models.

Minimo Mobility Scooter

£1,795.00 £2,154.00 inc VAT

If you cherish your independence, you’ll find the lightweight and foldable Minimo is the ideal scooter to just pop in the car boot and take anywhere.