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1096R Radio Controlled Secondary Controls

£1,250.00 £1,500.00 inc VAT

This innovative unit can be easily installed on both the right or left hand side of the steering wheel.

1096XL Bluetooth Secondary Controls

£1,250.00 £1,500.00 inc VAT

The Sticksteer 1096 XL a solution that offers a modern ergonomic design and feel for the end user. It comes complete with an easy to use USB Charger and uses Modern Radio Transmission via Bluetooth.

D898B 5 Way Secondary Control Unit

£780.00 £936.00 inc VAT

This device coexists in complete harmony with the original controls and its unique design facilitates installation and ensures that it is suitable to all vehicles.

Kivi PV1009 Wireless Control

£1,253.00 £1,503.60 inc VAT

The transmitter also has a “K” button to which an optional function can be connected (against the verification of the car model). The knob is ergonomic and the position of the keypad can be adjusted for the customer’s needs.

Lodgesons Wireless Secondary Controls

£1,199.00£1,675.00 £1,438.80 inc VAT

Designed for drivers with limited upper body movement, particularly those who only have use of one hand.

Smartsteer Wireless Secondary Controls

£1,225.00£1,375.00 £1,470.00 inc VAT

The SmartSteer steering unit enables you to operate vehicle functions such as windscreen wipers, indicator, and lighting etc. easily and safely while at the same time keeping control of the steering wheel.

Sojadis 10 Way Remote Control Device

£1,195.00 £1,434.00 inc VAT

This remote device allows the user to have control over up to 10 functions, making driving easier and more comfortable.