D932 Electronic servo clutch

D932 Electronic servo clutch-Mobility Station

D932 Electronic servo clutch

The DUCK electronic servo clutch is the result of sporting experiences by pilots such as Alessandro Zanardi, Albert Llovera and Clay Ragazzoni who have brought this product to the highest technological and versatility concepts.

The device replaces the use of the original pedal for clutch control. The clutch is in fact controlled by a sensor placed on the gear lever which, obscured by the palm of the hand, activates the disengagement of the clutch, allowing you to engage the desired gear.
The device is completely managed by a control unit in which parameters can be entered that allow its performance to be customized according to the driver's needs.
Its installation does not compromise in any way the original performance. It can be easily disengaged using a special switch, restoring the use of the clutch as it was originally.

Why choose it:

    • Easily disengaged
    • Easy to use
    • Gear lever sensor

Installation is included:

The listed product includes installation at our workshops near London Heathrow or Christchurch, Dorset. We do offer a mobile fitting service for certain products which can be fitted at a location of your choice, prices start from as little as £65.00. If we are unable to fit your chosen adaptation at a location of your choice we offer a Collection and Delivery service, please contact us for a quote or more information.

Motability Cars

All Motability Adaptations will be completed ready for handover at your chosen dealership, with no additional callout or fitting charges prior to vehicle handover.

Mobility Station Installation Area

This is a rough guide to our mobile service area we are able to cover. If you need us to cover any other area or unsure, please call us on 01895 520361.



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