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Mobility Insurance
Mobility Insurance
Mobility Insurance

Mobility Insurance

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Even the most careful of drivers can fall victim to circumstances out of their control. The mobility insurance policies we offer are specifically designed to give you peace of mind and keep you mobile. In partnership with Mark Bates Ltd who have a long-established history in providing specialist insurance for mobility scooters, we offer three policy options, Standard, Plus and High Value (for scooters over £5000). These policies include:

How do I Claim VAT Exemption on my Order?

To purchase goods VAT free, we will ask you to complete a simple declaration below or in the cart once after you have chosen your items. This data is confidential and secure. 

If you experience any problems or merely wish us to assist with this process and complete the order, please phone us on 0800 7703870 and we will be delighted to help.

Who is eligible for VAT Relief / Exemption

You do not need to be registered disabled or eligible for any other benefit to qualify for VAT free goods.

You are eligible if either yourself, or the person you are purchasing the goods for are chronically sick or have a disabling condition, and the goods are for personal / domestic use only.

Charities are also exempt from paying VAT, and can do so by simply completing the form in the same manner and entering their charity number. This number will be quickly verified by us before dispatch of your order.

Who is not eligible for VAT Relief / Exemption

If the person the goods are intended for does not have a specific long-term medical condition, by law they must purchase their goods without applying for VAT exemption.   If you have a short-term injury, or simply use the term 'old age', this would not make you eligible, so please be specific when entering the disability criteria.

Any organization that does not have a registered charity number (such as businesses) are also not exempt from paying VAT.

Please refer to the Gov.UK HMRC website if you would like further information on VAT Relief.

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