4 Reasons Why You Should Consider Mobility Hand Controls

When you think of hand controls as a driver, most people think of them as a means to driving an accessible vehicle with hand controls and nothing more. After all, these devices are traditionally used by people who can’t drive due to some sort of physical limitation such as arthritis or another ailment that affects one’s driving ability. This is the common perception of hand controls—as a way for someone with accessibility issues to drive a vehicle with ease. However, there are other reasons why you should consider mobility hand controls if you’re not yet that far along in your life but want to be ready for when the time comes. Here are 4 reasons why you should consider mobility hand controls sooner rather than later.

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You Can Always Use Mobility Hand Controls for Driving

If you’re interested in mobility hand controls but are concerned that you’ll never need to use them, consider this: you’ll always be able to use mobility hand controls for driving. There are no restrictions on who can use hand controls as opposed to a vehicle with built-in accessibility features or an adaptive driving device for people with disabilities. If you’re able to drive a car or another vehicle, you’re able to use hand controls—regardless of your age or other factors.

You Can Live a More Independent Life With Mobility Hand Controls

Hand controls can allow you to live an independent life without relying on others to get you from one place to another. Whether you have young children who would otherwise have to transport you themselves or you live alone and have no family members or friends nearby to help you get around, mobility hand controls can help you stay independent. When you have access to hand controls, you can travel to and from work, go grocery shopping, visit your doctor, and attend all sorts of other appointments on your own. You won’t have to rely on someone else to help you get around, which can help you retain your independence. Whether your health issue is long-term or short-term, having access to hand controls will help you maintain a sense of independence.

Mobility Hand Controls Help Your Physical Health

While driving a car with hand controls will always be safer than driving a car without any physical limitations, hand controls can also help keep your physical health in check. You may have physical limitations that prevent you from driving, such as back pain that makes sitting in a car for any length of time nearly impossible. Using hand controls instead of a vehicle with built-in physical accessibility features can help alleviate that pain, allowing you to drive again. Whether you’re experiencing pain due to an injury, are pregnant and experiencing discomfort, or have long-term conditions such as arthritis, hand controls may be the difference between driving and not driving. You may have to use mobility hand controls for the rest of your life, or you may only need them for a few years until you’ve regained some of your physical ability.

They Can Assist in the Case of an Emergency or Accident

If you use hand controls for your driving needs, you may be able to keep driving even in the case of an emergency or accident. If you’re in a car accident and this is your only mode of transportation, you can keep driving with hand controls. If your car has been totalled and you have no other way of getting around, hand controls can help you get to your next destination. This can be particularly helpful if you’re in a rural area and don’t have easy access to public transportation. Hand controls are designed to be used even if you’re in a car accident and need to stay in your vehicle. While they’re not designed to prevent an accident, they can help you stay safe even if your car is totalled.

Bottom line:

Hand controls are designed to help you drive safely in any condition. They can be used as a short-term solution when you’re only experiencing minor physical pain or discomfort, or as a long-term option for someone who is permanently unable to drive. If you’re interested in driving but have physical limitations that make it unsafe or impossible, hand controls can help you maintain your independence.

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