Lease an Ultralight Wheelchair for £100

If you are a wheelchair user planning to renew your car lease, could you benefit from a lightweight wheelchair to use in combination with your car?

This new option from the Motability Scheme is aimed at customers who already use a wheelchair, but who would benefit from having a secondary lightweight wheelchair to use in combination with their car. Supported by the same level of service you’ve come to expect from the Motability Scheme, these new lightweight wheelchairs offer enhanced mobility and great value for money. So, if you’d like to make the most out of trips in your next Scheme car, why not consider a lightweight wheelchair to help increase your mobility when you arrive at your destination?

There are two different products available and both come as either self-propelled, if you wish to independently travel, or assistant-propelled, if you need someone to push your wheelchair. All of the options are lightweight in design and fold to allow easy transportation in your Motability Scheme car. Additionally, some of the products you can make even lighter by dismantling or removing the wheels, footrests, or seat cushions.

Van OS Medical G-Logic Karma Ergo Lite 2
Product Weight: Self-propelled from 11.7kg (7.9kg when dismantled) Assistant-propelled from 10.6kg (8.4kg when dismantled)  Product Weight: Self-propelled from 10.4kg (6.4kg when dismantled) Assistant-propelled from 8.7kg 
Available Size: 16″, 18″ and 20″ frame - Choice of colours for both frame and fabric Available Size: 16″ and 18″ frame
Maximum User Weight: 113kg (17stone 11lbs) Maximum User Weight: 100kg (15stone 10lbs)
Cost: £100, payable upfront to your car dealer  Cost: £100, payable upfront to your car dealer 


How does it work?

If you’re interested in leasing a wheelchair in addition to your car, please speak to Adaptation Station and your car dealer who will place the application for your chosen wheelchair at the same time as your car. Once your application has been processed Adaptation Station will contact you to ensure the product you have chosen will meet your needs. The cost of the wheelchair must be paid upfront to your car dealer before you take delivery of your car. Your wheelchair will be delivered at the same time as your new car and, like your car, will be covered for any maintenance issues during the course of your lease. At the end of your lease, simply return the wheelchair along with your car to the dealership.


How do I pay for the wheelchair?

You will need to pay the full cost of the manual wheelchair to your car dealer before you collect your car. Speak to your car dealer to find out how you can make payment.

Is the wheelchair delivered at the same time as the car?

Yes. When you collect your car the manual wheelchair will be ready and waiting for you in your new car.

I need to order a WAV, am I able to order a manual wheelchair as well?

Yes, you can also lease a lightweight manual wheelchair alongside your new Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle (WAV). You’ll need to talk to your WAV supplier to place your application.

Am I able to order other adaptations such as a boot hoist to lift the wheelchair too?

Yes, however, the key benefit of these products is that they are lightweight in design to avoid the need for a hoist. Should you require adaptations to help you drive or access the car please speak to your car dealer for further information.

What happens if the wheelchair needs repairing?

As with any Motability Scheme product, the wheelchair is leased with a worry-free package to take care of any maintenance or repair issues.

How do I make sure the wheelchair is suitable for me?

One of the key factors in choosing between the wheelchairs available is whether you are able to self-propel the wheelchair or whether you need someone to push you whilst in the wheelchair. Other big considerations are the weight of the wheelchair, to ensure it can be lifted in and out of your car, and selecting the right frame size to meet your needs. After you have placed your application, the specialist dealer will most likely need to visit you at home to check key measurements such as your weight; your height and your ability to transport the wheelchair in the car, to double check that the wheelchair you have ordered will meet your needs.

Can I keep the wheelchair at the end of the lease?

No. The wheelchair is leased in the same way as your Scheme car and must be returned with your car at the end of your lease.

What happens if the wheelchair becomes unsuitable?

When you lease any product through the Motability Scheme we expect it will meet your needs for the full length of your lease agreement. If the wheelchair becomes unsuitable during this time please contact us to discuss the options.

Does the wheelchair need to be kept in the car?

The wheelchair has been leased for use with your car to further enable your mobility, and therefore we would expect that the wheelchair would be kept in the car, if it is safe to do so

Is the wheelchair insured in case of loss or accidental damage?

Yes. As the wheelchair forms part of your lease with Motability Operations Ltd it will be covered. You will need to contact Motability Operations directly on 0300 456 4566 for information should you have any loss or accidental damage to your chair.

What happens if I am unsuccessful in a reassessment for PIP, do I need to hand my wheelchair back?

If you are not awarded the Enhanced Rate of the Mobility Component of PIP, you will no longer be eligible for the Scheme and we will be in touch to help you return both the car and the manual wheelchair and support you through this transition.